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The stampeding death of a temporary Wal-Mart employee has made me madder than I thought possible. It reflects so much of what is wrong with our society and humanity as a whole. Nothing at Wal-Mart, and I mean nothing, is worth standing in line for eight hours, breaking down doors, and then stampeding into the store. Nothing. There is absolutely no justification for the loss of life over cheap crap.

And I wish all of those people could be arrested and then, I don't know, hung by their toes or something equally nefarious. I don't mean that, but mob behavior freaks me out and pisses me off.

Also, how is it that two armed men were able to mosey on into a Toys R Us and shoot each other dead?

Merry Fucking Christmas!


Nov. 29th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
Gods, don't even get me started with this. When I heard about it yesterday morning, I couldn't help but randomly think about it all day long. I was telling Pavel, just imagine being one of his family members getting a call that he had died because of a bunch of greedy ass-holes couldn't have enough patience to compose themselves while walking into a store to buy cheap shit.

I was in such a holiday mood until I heard this, and then a little fire died inside me. Christmas is the dumbest holiday on the planet (yet, the most wonderful for those who still understand what it means, even aside from religion). Honestly, we need to ditch this idea of giving/receiving presents. When Christmas became the "giving" time of year, I doubt it was intended to be a 60" LCD HD TV and stupid crap, but maybe -- clothing for those who have none in the winter, or maybe a fuckin' meal or kind word?

Maybe I am just bitter because I was so excited for Thanksgiving only to have people complain that dinner wasn't done as soon as they arrived, the soda was accidently flat, I forgot the one person who drinks vodka's, vodka and that I didn't serve the coffee and pie immediately after dinner. God forbid family actually sit around and fucking talk!

I better stop talking about it because I am going to get all worked up about it again. Next year I'm frickin' donating to a charity in everybody's name. Nobody is appreciative of anything anymore :-(

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