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In addition to really hating potato bugs, I have developed a strong aversion to my neighbor and her two yappy Chi dogs.

Yesterday evening, I took Mina out to potty (Celeste didn't need to go) without realizing that two 2-lb Chi's were out there terrorizing the hood. Mina is leashed. These two dogs were not. Mina has the utmost tolerance for yappy, 2-lb dogs and patently ignored them as they yelled directly in her face (one even tried chomping on her perdy pink nose of doom). Mina may be a sassy little punk on a leash and around ball-chasing dogs, but man, she has got some uber small dog/puppy wrangling skillz.

This evening I took out Mina and Celeste for a potty. I leash them because I know my neighbor (yes, with the two yappy Chis) is afraid of Mina and her pit bull ways (which apparently involve not eating yappy dogs). She let out the two Chi's and they came tearing out, barking and yapping at Mina and Celeste.

Now, Mina will take crap like that from a little dog. Celeste won't. Thankfully Celeste is semi dog savvy and merely growled her annoyance at the dogs. Of course the neighbor has to come in and do what you never do in a potentially aggressive encounter - she scooped up both her growling, snarling little monsters.

At the very least, she apologized. I have to admit I am extremely tired of her saying "Oh you silly dogs, those dogs can kill you in one bite!" in reference to Mina and Celeste. Not that I'm saying it's untrue but it's just such an odd thing to tell your dogs when they're acting like complete and utter assholes. Not to mention my dogs haven't shown any inclination to kill her dogs.

Oh yeah, and she just bred the female to the male and the female had two puppies via c-section. Halfway house losers for the win!


Dec. 18th, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)
It really bugs me when people don't train their little dogs because they think that bad behavior is cute. Ugh.

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