rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Celeste sorta meets a skunk

I got up at 6 am (read: too effing early for me) to take Celeste to the local park. She got to run off leash illegally because that is how she rolls. We worked on off-leash and on-leash Behaviors of Awesomeness like not eating pieces of paper you find on the ground.

Towards the end of the walk, Celeste exhibited a most Awesome recall when I saw a skunk ambling in our direction. The skunk made a little dash down to the lagoon and we made it past safely*.

Mina and I went on a dusk-dark walk at the same park after work, which wasn't a very brilliant idea. We'll stick to evening strolls around the hood, because the hood is free of large mud puddles and poles that apparently feel they should attack me. That the hood is also full of idiots who think Mina should have puppies** is simply something I will have to deal with.

Things of Note:
- Celeste is WAY more people focused than Mina. And by WAY more, I mean like 10,000 times more.
- Celeste is also much more talented at quick recalls, quick sits, medium-speed downs, and instantaneous watches.
- Celeste gets a behavior in approximately 5 seconds flat, give or take.  Mina decides whether the behavior is worth her time (it usually isn't).
- Mina is good at staring in space for prolonged periods of time and sniffing one blade of grass for 20 minutes.

Mina, however, is still my Queen Bee Supreme because she snuggles under covers, gazes deeply into your eyes and sighs with such wild abandon that it always inspires me to leap across the room and tackle her. She takes tackling far more gracefully than Celeste, which is another bonus.

*To those of you familiar with skunks: Is their mere presence smelly? When we passed the area where the skunk meandered off, there was a distinct odor of skunk spray.

**Mina would have cute puppies. This is just fact. In fact, she did have puppies (before me) and so there are Mina clones zoomifying out there in the world. There could be thousands of Mina clones. THOUSANDS!
Tags: celeste, mina
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