rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

A lesson unlearned on creepiness

As I exited the Nugget supermarket, I passed by a woman who was talking to a small object she was bouncing up and down in her arms. The swaddled object turned out to be a baby doll. She was cooing to the doll and as I passed said, "Oh, is something wrong, little dear?"

Perhaps I should not call it creepy, but it was definitely a little unnerving and surprising. There was no actual lesson, hence the unlearned part (which begs the question: How do you unlearn something you didn't learn in the first place? You decide).

(I will duly note that my flour-baby Hernando received a lot of very important baby talks in a stroller at the dog park in high school. This lasted right up until he became cake.)
Tags: random thought
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