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Some of you probably saw the Mina and Celeste Chronicles massive hunting expeditions (no critters were harmed) but some of you may not have (why not?!?) Here they are. Celeste is turning out to be quite the hunting expert. :)


<----- Not the actual deer

Hey everyone, it's me CELESTE!!!11!!!

So first of alls, Happy News Year! This is going to be a BIG news year. I started it off right early by hunting a ginormously large buck who had antlers the size of a whale. I'm pretty sure you'll see me on the cover of your local papers tomorrow morning.

My mom and most awesome of big sisters, Mina, were out and about running frees when alls of a sudden, this ginormously large buck comes zoomifying out in front of us. My mom is all "Oh, dear" and I'm all "Yeah, duh! CHASE!" Then my mom is all "Oh, don't do that Celeste. Celeste! CELESTE!!!" and I'm all "Yeah, I'll get us some dinners!!!" And Mina was all "You are all so embarrassing." I'm sure she was just referring to the deer.

The one thing I do nots expect with my food is for them to be way big and way fasters than me. My most awesome of big sisters is actually shorter than me so she's not really big. Not that I'd eat her anyways. Anyways, like I was saying, this big ol deer creature escaped my clutches so I had to comes running backs to my mom in shame.


Hey Team Celeste, it's me CELESTE!!!!!111!!. Recently, I shared my very amazing chases of a deers who should be in my bellies but is still roaming frees up on the countryside.

But enough of that deers who I should still be eating. My mom has been getting up super duper early (according to her anyways) so shes can take me to the park. It's not even light out which is greats cuz then I can sneakify up on my food.

Like a couple days ago, my mom and Is were all "let's walk" and we makes a very very very good team (Team Celeste I calls it). Before I get to that sneakifying part, let me just says that Mina my most awesome of older sisters is always invited to these hunting expeditions but guess whats?!? Mina apparently thinks sleeping in until 7:30 am (whens we return from an hour of runnings and chasings and huntings) is way more fun. Sometimes I really think my biggest sister has the Al-Zimers cuz who wouldn't want to go huntings over sleepings?!?

Anyways, Team Celeste was all out and about when I spies myself a tasty morsel - it was all black and white and waddling like it just wanted me to eat him. I was abouts to engage in my SECOND massive hunting expedition part doo when my mom (who i love very dearly but who i really feel isn't all that smart about getting food) asked me to come. She had this sort of puppy whine and panicky edge to her voices, sos I had to come real fast to make sures she was fine. Turns out she was fine, she just wanted to put that darned leash on me! And when I turned around to sees if my foods was still waddling towards me - he was gone!

Geez, my humom is real great and alls but she isn't so smart about hunting.

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