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Doggie Photos

I was previously of the belief that few dogs had mastered the art of Emo quite like Miss Mina. That is, until I met Johnny Sue who's face seems to be stuck in a state of perpetual woe. Near the end of our visit as L and I were sitting on the ground; me taking pictures, L observing the dog park happenings, Johnny Sue was leaving. And when she saw us on the ground and heard us call to her, her face lit up and she smiled and bounded over - You are the people who loved on me, earlier, I love you too! That's what she said with her doggy language. I wish I had captured that moment.

This was the snortiest French Bulldog evar. He snorted and huffed and puffed and was generally adorable. I painfully admit that I love Frenchies and Bostons and Pugs for their upturned noses, squashed in faces and their devil may care 'tude. I don't care for the health and birthing problems.

This is Wilbur, the flying pit bull. He lived for nothing else but this frisbee. Nothing else. That is also George, L's dog, running to do what we don't know (but it won't involve stealing the frisbee, I can tell yout that).

A random lab who I felt I should include because sometimes I don't give enough love to the retrievers. Retriever love for the win!

Mission 101 update: 4/100 animals photographed
Tags: dogs, friends, mission 101, photographs
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