rinalia (rinalia) wrote,


I am grateful for:

1) Rain, because it brings out the newts who make my heart swell with motherly love. Yes, motherly love. I want to scoop up every newt I find basking in the misty rain and tell them they are beautiful, wonderful creatures who I love unconditionally. They want to just soak up the water and not be given kisses.

2) Figuring out where barns will go at the new sanctuary. It's been both frustrating and exciting creating this master plan. I think we're close to maybe being positive on where all the barns will be built. Now we just need a kajillion dollars to build the barns.

3) Pasta with broccoli, gold chard, garlic and seasoned with sage, oregano and cumin. FACT OF THE DAY: Cumin is Ruler of Spices.
Tags: gratitude, mission 101
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