rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Sleep Fail

Last night, the 2nd to last toe on my right foot decided it wanted to cramp up and change positions with my pinkie toe. This caused me great pain and consternation. I held my toe in the correct position for 20 minutes before the cramping stopped. As I stretched out my leg, thinking it was finally over and I could sleep, Celeste plopped her skinny-ass head onto my foot. The spasm alone made me squeal in pain.

My squeal caused Celeste to rocket off the bed and stand at attention. It frightened Mina who went belly up on my lap, tail thwacking hard against the bed. Celeste was certain Mina's tail thwacking was actually an intruder scaling the wall to break in, so she barked ferociously at the window.

I told them to both shut up and they did not. I fell asleep in a fetal position, hand clutched reflexively around my foot, with a muttskie grumbling at the window and a pit bull draped over my side. 

These events make me curse and adore my dogs.
Tags: celeste, mina

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