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Gillian the hen

Gillian the hen
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Hello. I'm Gillian. This is me on a Very Important Mission (VIM).

My VIM included:
1) Check to see if camera biped is holding is edible. It is not. Biped curls up into fetal position when camera is pecked. Interesting behavior.
2) Peck biped's head to see if it is edible. It may be, biped did not remain stationary and further analysis is needed.
3) Analyze the elementary components of green material surrounding me, see if it can safely be consumed. Ah. It can be. I ate a lot of it to check its toxicity. This foodstuff is nontoxic, readily available and my favorite color (subjective analysis). Further information is needed in the form of consuming hundreds of pounds of this green material.
4) Hunt down biped and inquire about growing more of this green stuff, possibly selling it to chickens on the green market (get it?). Biped avoided inquiry by running from me. A short pursuit occurred (not because I ran out of energy after five feet, mind you). I am a VERY exercise-oriented hen, thank you very much.

The conclusion of my VIM included a foray into the Dark Unknown called a Sheep - a quadruped with extra, apparently useless feathers. A peck to the right rear leg of the Sheep proved near deadly. I would discourage further study of the edible nature of Sheep.

Thank you for your time,.

Gillian, the hen
Tags: animal place, chickens, mission 101

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