rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

It's raining; quick, what do you do?

If it is pouring rain, do you:

a) Drive on the highway at speeds in excess of 80 mph?
b) Drive on the highway between speeds of 50-65 mph?
c) Not drive on the highway at any speed
d) Ask your pit bull to drive for you
e) Teleport yourself if pit bull is unavailable

Approximately 40% of the people on the highway chose option a); 50% chose option b); 2% could not re-atomize from their teleporting; 2% stayed at home and slept and 4% asked their pit bull to drive for them. The remaining 2% were actually aliens so 98% is the new 100%.

To the 40% who chose a) and who also nearly plowed into me or decided to spray me with excess water, I hope you stuck in a corn maze with diabolical children.
Tags: meme_quiz, stupidity

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