rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Celeste is on time out

Celeste just full out attacked Mina. Over a stupid toy that Mina was playing with, Celeste stole, Mina tried to engage in a fun tug of war and Celeste launched into Puppy War III.

And Mina was all what the fuck? and I was all what the fuck? And Celeste was too busy trying to rip out Mina's throat to realize what an idiot she is.

Mina's a-okay, there is absolutely no damage. But Celeste is lucky I didn't just throw her out the window (okay, i wouldn't ever do that but nobody, not even my other dog, hurts Mina, nobody).

Mina didn't engage or respond at all. She just gave Celeste her neck and side. I might be more forgiving of Celeste if Mina was a total dick about stuff but she's not.

We're all fine now. Celeste and I did a little re-bonding with Mina and all is happy go lucky. I'll have to be a little more attentive to their toy play time so things don't get so out of hand and Celeste feels like aggression is the only solution.

I do so love my dogs, though currently Mina is #1 and Celeste is like #5. :)
Tags: celeste, mina
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