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Allergy treatment

A few questions for those of you who deal with itchy dogs:

1) Did you have an allergy test done? Celeste definitely has seasonal allergies, not food allergies or fleas or mites. I am positive it is to trees, grass or some other plant. I am open to getting an allergy test done ONLY if the test would alter the treatment significantly. I am open to allergy shots, but I would most likely have to save money for them.

2) Right now, the only treatment that works is a topical steroid ointment. I do not wish to continue using this. Benadryl does not work. Apple cider vinegar has limited effects. Have you used alternative topical or ingested treatments for allergies? I am interested in more holistic or homeopathic remedies. I've heard local honey can help build immunity, but are there any immediate salves or things I could give her to alleviate the current itchiness.




Mar. 10th, 2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
We never did allergy test. My vet doesn't feel they are very helpful so we skipped it, plus Indi's allergies are not that bad.

Benadryl doesn't work for her either. We tried another over the counter med called chlorpheniramine but it also didn't really work. Recently my vet prescribed an antihistamine called hydroxyzine pamoate. He says it's mild since I did not want anything strong, like steriods. So far it seemed to help a little bit.

I guess trying local honey or bee pollen can't hurt. But your dog would need to be allergic to pollen from the specific flowers bees go to. So if it's a grass, tree, or mold allergy it won't help. But again, it's worth a shot at least.

Some people say acupuncture can help but I have not tried it (nor allergy shots for Indi).

Oatmeal bathes can help soothe her skin. Does she get fish oils? Maybe even try rubbing some oil on her itchy skin to help soothe it.
Mar. 16th, 2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
I'm going to try the chlorpheniramine and see how that goes. The Benadryl helped but only temporarily.

She does get fish oils, but I hadn't thought of rubbing it in her. I received another suggestion about cod liver oil for eye itchies. I might try that.

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