rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Allergy treatment

A few questions for those of you who deal with itchy dogs:

1) Did you have an allergy test done? Celeste definitely has seasonal allergies, not food allergies or fleas or mites. I am positive it is to trees, grass or some other plant. I am open to getting an allergy test done ONLY if the test would alter the treatment significantly. I am open to allergy shots, but I would most likely have to save money for them.

2) Right now, the only treatment that works is a topical steroid ointment. I do not wish to continue using this. Benadryl does not work. Apple cider vinegar has limited effects. Have you used alternative topical or ingested treatments for allergies? I am interested in more holistic or homeopathic remedies. I've heard local honey can help build immunity, but are there any immediate salves or things I could give her to alleviate the current itchiness.

Tags: celeste, dogs
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