rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina and Celeste Chronicles: How Celeste Avoids Soul-Stealing

Hey everyone, it's me TEAM CELESTE!!!!!11!! for the wins!

Todays my very very very favoritests mom was trying to steals my souls with a camera! Forbiddens is what I tells her and she says SAY CHEESE!!! and I says CHEESE?!? feeds me! And she ignores me and stills trys to steal my souls.

Soooos, I came up with an ingenious ways to avoids the souls stealings. Pleases to be giving you evidences so you toos can avoid souls stealings!

Steps Un: RARWS! Yells extra louds to expels ebil spirits that the camera can steals from you. You donts need ebil spirits but the ebil spirits dont knows that.

Steps Deux: ROLLS OVERS!!!! Shows off yours awesomes belly! Alsos, very important - hides your noses!!! Noses sometimes leak souls, so its very important to hides them from the souls stealings camera!

Steps Trois: Completes your rolls over and voilas!!! SUCCESSES, your souls has been saved.

I do nots suggest trying this whiles running very fasts. I trieds this once and ran into a fences!! My mom claims my most awesomest of big sisters was actuallys TRYINGS to get me to run intos a fence, but would this faces do such an ebil things to me?!?!?

I thinks not!

Tags: mina and celeste chronicles

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