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*pumps fist* YES! Cuz I really didn't want to go to Arco to see them.

Saturday, July 11 at the Greek -polyphonicvegan , you will come, yes? You won't abandulate me for the east coast, will you?!? Tickets go on sale March 22.

In other music news, I and the aforementioned lj friend will be going to see Blind Pilot in April at Cafe du Nord and I'm overjoyed beyond words. Seriously.

I'm still deciding if I'm going to go see the decemberists in may. They're playing at the fox and they always put on such a phenomenal show and that theater is chocolatey goodness wrapped up in caramel, decisions!

I'm bummed I won't be seeing Rasputina at The Independent. TRAGEDY. And Razorlight? No go. 

Okay, for serious, The Faint at the Filmore? April 29 and 30th. I don't think my concert going buddies will go for The Faint.

I wish I was egregiously rich so I could be charitable and also selfishly go to all the concerts



Mar. 17th, 2009 04:54 pm (UTC)
it is a crying shame that we don't live closer together, because i would go to all of those shows with you. i just saw yesterday that DCFC is playing a show in oregon in july, yea! i am going to try to go. and BLIND PILOT.... oh my god, you know how much i love them, right? they are so phenomenal, i can't even stay coherent about them! and i vote yes for the decemberists. the new album is GOOD, and the show will be awesome. as for rasputina, i want to see them when they're here, if fo no other reason than the novelty of a male cellist!! oh and my mad crazy crush on mellora....

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