rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

how sad is this

Okay, light is green for going straight. I need to turn right. There's a person in the crosswalk crossing the street.

I am the only person who stops for the person to cross. Four cars in front of me sneak in ahead of the guy, one when the guy was only about two feet from the car.

And get this: As I wait patiently for him to get all the way on the sidewalk, then take my turn (and hey! light is still green!), I hear the guy call out "Thank you" to me.

Seriously folks, I got thanked for a) following the law and b) being nice. Which is very sweet and I appreciate it, but all those other cars should have stopped to let him cross because it was just the right thing to do, because no one was rushing their hemophiliac aunt with a paper cut to the hospital.

Tags: stupidity
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