rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina rules

I hadn't mentioned it but a couple weeks ago, Mina and Celeste accidentally met the new neighbor's Boxer, Rocky (who I adore). Or maybe I did mention it. Anyway, I can't remember.

Celeste acted like one big fat turd of a dog. She stood five feet from Rocky and barked, barked, barked. Mina, while I love her for her moxie and sassiness, is a follower. This makes her "say" and do stupid things. So Mina ends up barking too, but she's sort of pointed 45 degrees to the left of Rocky and she's getting distracted by some choice grass lying on the cement.

I apologized, dragged the girls inside and worked out a deal with the neighbors. They'll put Rocky away when I need to bring my ladies out.

Except today I decided Mina should meet Rocky one-on-one b/c Mina is generally a fan (if not a stoodge around) other dogs. Rocky was thrilled. No wait, I mean Thrilled. Mina was only semi-thrilled and more interested in playing hard to get. They romped for about five minutes and then Mina was all "I gotsa sniff this grass over here, here, here and here. Oh yeah, here too." Poor Rocky looked on in sadness, because he just could not understand the grass fascination. Mina also met the 2-lb Chihuahua from upstairs and thought the puppy was a little bit of peanut butter mixed up with love; small dogs are Mina's most favorite kind of dogs.

And who was the little creature standing off in the corner swinging a hammer and a screwdriver? Yes, that was Raymond, a 2-yr-old human who is a danger to dirt clods everywhere but is surprisingly awesome around dogs. I was a little nervous because he came toddling up to me and Mina with hammer in hand. But then he reached out with his other hand, very gently, and just touched Mina on the back. She was all tail-wagging and grass sniffing, so all was good.

He then decided he should figure out if the white tip on Mina's tail was permanent or temporary by tugging on it. In the cutest display of redirection, Mina spun around to her tail and glared at it as if IT had tugged on, well, itself. Then she gave the grabby youngster a kiss and trotted off. He wasn't hard with the tug, either, it was more of a gentle grab and immediate let go, which was nice to see in a hammer-throwing kid. Kid later learned about the side effects of hammering his own hand. Parents hopefully learn side effects of letting their kid handle a large, metal hammer.
Tags: celeste, halfway house, mina
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