rinalia (rinalia) wrote,



I am grateful for:

1) Orange juice and it's Vitamin C awesomeness.
2) My mom for being excited about dressing up for a 60's themed birthday party
3) My dad for making his very first website and having it rock (literally). Please check out the site, I think he'd like it if there was a boost in visitorship. :) He's working so hard and I wish him lots and lots of positive, awesome, money-flowing-in thoughts!
4) Books, books and more books. I love 'em, even when I don't (for the first time in a few years, II had to stop reading a book b/c I disliked it so much, tragedy).
5) Mina and Celeste who both just gave very sweet kisses to the hammer-wielding toddler of yesterday.
6) Cotton
7) Finishing an anime series or three, yay.
8) Watching Eureka and Scrubs with my mom
9) Being able to take photos
10) Space heaters.

Tags: gratitude, mission 101

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