rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Celeste rocks the human boat of training love

Celeste did alright at the training club this evening. I'm going to sign her up for basic obedience come end of April. She should be in the intermediate but seeing as the intermediates move around the training room a lot, I'm going to start with the class where the dogs all pretty much stay in their little corners of the room.

There was a really cool lady who I think is an assistant trainer who was spot on with Celeste's behavior. She let Celeste meet her pup for a total of two seconds wherein Celeste just got to know that a dog-dog intro can result in absolutely nothing. Celeste thought that was awesome and demanded cookies for her hard work.

Celeste was uber angsty at the beginning of the class and whored herself out to all the trainers and any human who made love eyes at her. She got over her angst and settled down enough to play it cool. She remained a slut throughout the evening with the humans, though. That is how she rolls.

Initially, the trainer thought Celeste might need Prozac and I was all Huh? with a capital H. But after seeing Celeste at the end of class (we were off to the side while she taught), she was all nevermind, beam her up Scotty. Except she just said sign her up for the next class. So I will. I thought it was really great that the club allowed me and Celeste to come for an eval and to sit through one of the classes. I could have sat through the intermediate class but it was almost 8 pm and Mina was emoing it up back home. One does not let an emo pit bull emoify for too long.
Tags: celeste, training
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