rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Any knitters want wool?

Here's the deal: Every year, the sheep at the sanctuary get sheared. There are 8: two definitely produce decent wool (Gwen the natural merino in icon) and Aiden (mixed breed). There is also Virginia and Lenny. Virginia is an older merino ewe, so I don't know about the quality of her wool. Lenny is either a merino mix or purebred, but we don't know who the ram was. This is going to be his first shear. The other four sheep produce pretty poor knitting wool.

Normally, we toss the wool out in the woods for the birds to use.

This year, a coworker and myself are planning on getting Gwen's wool spun and carded to knit with. Last year's quote was about $250 for the entire process. I can't remember how many skeins.

Would any of you be interested in the wool from the other three sheep (or some of Gwen's wool)? Or even the other sheep?

I would prefer sending the raw wool for you to process locally, as it is easier for me to cover the monetary costs (if someone flaked out on reimbursing me on postage) on shipping than on getting the wool processed. Since I am a bit tight with money, I can't cover the costs myself, so postage would have to be covered on your end. 

Last year, Gwen produced about 12 lbs of wool and Aiden produced about 10 lbs. I think Aiden might have more this year and Gwen is probably about the same. Virginia is probably less as is Lenny. The other sheep combined might produce about 32 lbs of wool or less (that's my guess). Their wool might be good for rugs or stuffing comforters/pillows.

If you are interested, let me know by responding to this post with the pounds of wool you'd be interested in and if type of wool mattered. Comments are NOT screened, so please refrain from posting your address yet. I want to get a feel for the interest level and then I'll post more as we get closer to the shear date. Again, I would ask that you pay for shipping costs. If you want to thank the sheep more, you can make a donation to Animal Place on their behalf. :)

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