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Celeste is gross

No, she's not growling at me. She's eating grass. In fact, I could have shown you the whole sequence of events.

Stage 1: Celeste goes out into my parents backyard when we visit.
Stage 2: Celeste furtively glances around.
Stage 3: Noticing no one is paying any attention, Celeste immediately digs in and eats grass.
Stage 4: Celeste gets her picture taken while eating grass, is not amused by the process.
Stage 5: Celeste gets up, looking VERY concerned about life and also the rumblings of her stomach.
Stage 6: Celeste throws up all the grass she just ate.
Stage 7: Moving away from her human, she goes off into the corner.
Stage 8: And begins to eat grass again.

Any thoughts on this: Celeste and Mina both eat grass at my place and NEVER have problems. No vomit, no upset tummies, nothing. The grass at my place is probably native grass that bears little resemblance to the grass people usually have. But when they go to my parents house, man their grass just irks their systems. Both throw up every time they visit after eating the grass. I don't get it.

You will thank me for not showing the photos of her vomiting; no one really wants to see that stuff.



Mar. 31st, 2009 04:29 pm (UTC)
must be different kinds of grass. puppy LOVES to eat the grass around the fence line in our yard and never gets sick. but if he starts eating grass in the middle of the yard than something has upset his tummy and he's going to puke. the grass near the fences grows taller than normal grass and tends to have wider blades, the grass in the middle of the yard is shorter and has the really skinny blades.

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