rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

David Sedaris

Went to see Sedaris read in Berkeley.

Waited in line with my friend to get her book signed.

Conversation that followed:

Sedaris (S): Hi, what's your name?
Friend (F): <<NAME>>
S: And your friend?
Me: <<NAME>>
S: Do you want some cookies that a fan made for me?
*F and Me glance at each other*
Me: Um, no thanks. I'm vegan.
F: Me too.
S: *pause* Oh, really? *begins drawing a caricature in friend's book*
Me: Yes, really.
S: *tells us a story about a church in Texas where he 'found' Jesus*
*F and Me cast "huh?" glances at each other*

Sedaris then presents the book back to my friend. He had drawn a picture of Jesus with a bubble that said "I died on the cross for you."

We laughed the entire way back to the car. I mean, did he think veganism was a cult of Christianity? Or that we looked like the  Jesus-types? Or what? It was entirely weird and completely overshadowed his humorous readings.
Tags: harhar

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