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Had the dogs out for a potty a few minutes ago and the neighbors were out on the porch hanging out. It was dark and I really thought Mina wouldn't want anything to do with them (dark is scary for Mina). But after they both pooped and peed, Celeste made a beeline for ZOMG! PEOPLE WHO WILL PET ME and Mina followed.

Mina's a bit shy, though she's incredibly tolerant and stoic. She was a little nervous about one of the guys, but I was utterly shocked to see her literally plaster herself to my neighbor's brother. She just about fell in love. Her butt was waggling, her tail shaking gently from side to side, and she plastered him with Mina Kisses (tm). It was beyond precious.

Also, cute/weird story from earlier in the day:

I had the dogs out for a potty break. One of my neighbor's approached me and this conversation ensued.

Neighbor (N): Is that a red nose?!?
Me (Me): Huh?
N: A red nose.
Me: Oh, she's a pit bull, if that's what you mean.
N: No, no, no, I mean a red nose. You know, RED nose. I have one, with a red nose.
Me: *gazes fondly at Mina* Well, to be honest, it's actually pink.
N: What?
Me: Her nose. It's pink.
N: I haven't heard of a pink nose.
Me: *shrug*

I used to just say yes to the "is she a red nose" question, because I get it so frequently and "yes" is less taxing on my nerves than a discourse on nose coloration not being an indicator of a separate breed. I feel like I should have Mina wear a sign, "Why yes, my nose *IS* red, do you want a cookie for that observation?" Mina is a pit bull. With a rose-pigmented nose.


May. 3rd, 2009 08:29 am (UTC)
I don't get why the nose colour is such a Big Deal™ in Pit Bulls.

And with all the talk of red and blue noses, how do black nose Pit Bulls feel?

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