rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina is full of WOE

Thank you so much for all the kind well-wishes, I really appreciate them.

Mina's surgery was successful, though now there is a two-inch incision site on her chest and, holy crap did you know how long canine teeth are? Like an inch long underneath the gumline. They showed me her tooth and I was like wow! I politely declined keeping it.

They couldn't find anything on her radiograph either at the shoulder or elbow. The vet is thinking it might be neurological or spinal, so we might try acupuncture.

She is so wonky and groggy right now, it breaks my heart. And when she woke up, she immediately freaked out and started chewing on the bars, cutting her tongue. It bled so much the vet staff thought she had done major damage so she was anesthetized again. I hate that that happened.

It ended up being a $100 cheaper than the estimate, so yay for that. I'll find out about the cyst biopsy in a day or so, keep your fingers crossed.

My mom was kind enough to hang out with me for the day, keeping me sane. I love her.

Anyway, the little pink nose of doom is finally settling into Celeste's bed and might even deign to take a nap. I don't know how people with multiple unhealthy animals deal with this, it just sucks.
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