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Adventures in photography

Photoshop, really. I'm finally brave enough to try my hand at something more than dodging and burning. I've been doing some stuff with textures, levels, curves and some other post-processing doo-dads. I'm having a lot of fun doing it too, which is good.

Here is some of the stuff I've done recently. I encourage you to click on them to see larger versions (everything always looks better bigger). Each picture will contain the original, unedited version in the comment section. Any comments appreciated (unless they are "you suck" comments, then not so appreciated).



Jun. 9th, 2009 02:54 am (UTC)
purely subjective comments....

I really like the flower in the lower right. I like the original too but the edited one would be just lovely on some linen for a pillow, or framed and hung.

I like the other three but have a similar comment about all of them. The strokes of light are all very angular. straight up and down on the first, and third. I like the effect somewhat in the first picture because it gives it the feel of an unrolled canvas, but the lines in the bottom right of that picture are a little too strong.

In the second picture (upper right) I like how you played with the light to bring the focus in on the bee. Theres a shadow (or something) on the stem. Its such a graceful movement off the page that it might look better completely cleaned up. Also theres a line at a 45degree angle near the upper left corner that looks odd when all the other stems in the background have been softened into orbs. Its not quite in the right spot to counter balance the stem...

beautiful pictures though.
Jun. 9th, 2009 03:32 am (UTC)
Thanks for the constructive critique!

You're right about the stem in the bee picture. It's a dark part of a texture I used (it was a frame texture). Definitely interrupts the line of the stem and distracts a bit. It's a good reminder to look at the whole picture in greater detail. I got a little too focused on the bee.

It's great having another eye see something different than what my eye saw. Like with the 1st picture...the lines at the bottom, to me, almost represented a veil or sheer curtain, which I liked. I felt like I was looking out of a window onto a fantastical night scene. I can see how they could be possibly distracting.


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