rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Slow Speed Chase

The sanctuary has plum trees in the potbellied pig enclosure. Plum pits can pose a serious digestive problem for potbellied pigs, mainly impaction. We try to shake the trees and collect the plums before they become a problem.

Well, they've become a problem. Right now, we don't have enough staff to do a thorough shaking so it's slow go.

The potbellied pigs are in hog heaven with delicious, sugary food literally falling from the sky. They walk around in a plum-induced stupor, listening for the next "whop" of plum hitting earth.

Ground squirrels also abound at the sanctuary. They too love plums. Lucky for them, they can climb trees and grab the plums directly from the source. Scampering down, they sometimes try and sample the plum before a pig notices them.

And when a pig does notice them, the slowest, most ridiculous chase ensues. The potbellied pigs are moving at the pace of a really slow snail while the ground squirrel desperately tries not to trip over the plum (which is the size of the squirrels head). Squirrel stops every five feet to take a nibble and patiently waits for the pig to get within a foot before half-dragging themselves a bit further.

I wish I had gotten video of it, because really, it is quite funny. Maybe you had to be there.
Tags: animal place

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