rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

LJ Advisory Board

I saw this on subpolka 's journal and decided to repost on mine. Kyle Cassidy is running for the LJ advisory board. Not only do I agree with the backup premise (I mean, duh) but he runs a great photography community and is pretty level headed. So, feel free to support his nomination - because Mina said so.

from kylecassidy 

After much thought I've reluctantly decided to run for the LiveJournal advisory board, a position of great work, exposure to drama, and no pay. I'm doing this specifically to push for one thing - an account backup and restore feature. In the past year I've seen too many people's accounts deleted and replaced with advertisements -- and shocked to discover that LiveJournal has no method to restore these. Years of people's lives lost. This needs to change. After that we can tackle all the business about who doesn't want whom to post where.

At this point I simply need 300 of you to support my nomination in the lj_election_en community. To do this click post a reply to my nomination post here and simply say "I support this nomination". This needs to happen before 4:30 PST Today, so do please vote. The election will be on the 22nd and I'll come back to you then.


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