rinalia (rinalia) wrote,


I just nearly got mounted by a 2,200 lb steer. My quick evasion earned me a large drool print on my back. It is like my badge of honor now.

Here is the steer in question. His name is Howie and I told him that, at age 13, he was WAY too old to be mounting me. More importantly, his hooves are the size of dinner plates and his head weighs as much as me (okay, not really, but it's big). I told him that would be rude. He half-heartedly chased after me and then got sidetracked by Sadie who, in fact, is one hot mama of a cow. Thankfully he didn't mount her, she has a bum leg and being mounted by howie would not help. At least he got the species right that time.

Tags: animal place, cattle
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