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June 2009 Reads

Eight books for June.

51. The Jane Austen Book Club - Karen Joy Fowler (6/1/09) - I really like this book (loved the movie, yes I'm a dork). I just like Fowler's writing style and sense of wit. Book is about finding yourself, romance, reading (yay for Le Guin plugs!), all things I find yay-worthy.

52. Wildwood Dancing - Juliet Marillier (6/6/09) - Follows five sisters on their adventure - for many years, they have been able to access the other realm, the fairy world. But now something threatens their peace, things that were lost must be found. Plus there is a talking frog. *nods*

53. The Fetch - Laura Whitcomb (6/7/09) - I love, loved, loved A Certain Slant of Light, so I thought I would love, love, love The Fetch. I liked it a lot but there was no love, love, love. Fetches, well, they fetch the souls of the dearly departed and send them on to the afterlife. Story includes some Russian history. I liked how it ended, which wasn't a stereotypical happy, tie-up-all-the-loose-ends ending.

54. The No. ! Ladies Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith (6/9/09) - Oh my god, I want to move to Botswana like now! These are seriously fun books. The cases are easy but it's the characters who make the story. Love it!

55. Tears of the Giraffe - Alexander McCall Smith (6/12/09) - 2nd in the No 1 ladies detective agency series.

56. Cybele's Secret - Juliet Marillier (6/14/09) - Follow up book to Wildwood Dancing. Some of the plot greatly resembled the first book. It was formulaic. BUT, I have to admit I really liked the main character a lot and there is a pirate, so I am happy.

57. What I saw and How I lied - Judy Blundell (6/15/09) - Disturbing. Involves a teenage girl who tries to unravel the mystery surrounding her stepfather's return from the war and the sudden appearance of an old army "buddy"...the appearance causes the girl, her mother and her stepfather to take a "road-trip" to Florida in the middle of hurricane season. And there, romance develops, someone dies, truths emerge, and a teenage girl learns what it is to be family, even when the family sucks. I liked it. I liked how they captured some of the same anti-semitism that was seen during the war, the same prejudice that inspired a country to kill millions of people. I didn't like not really knowing the ending (I mean, you can easily infer what happens but it isn't plainly stated). Not sure how I feel about all of it, but it was thought provoking, which I appreciate.

58. Beastly - Alex Flinn (6/19/09)- Beauty and the Beast. CLICHE! It was an easy read (yay!) and that is its strong point.
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