rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

More importantly, CONCERTS!!!

#1 DCFC = DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE FOR THE WIN!!! July 11th at the Greek in Berkeley.

#2 The Weakerthans = THE WEAKERTHANS!!!! July 23rd at Great American Music Hall in SF - yes!!!!! polyphonicvegan - ARE YOU COMING DAMMIT?!?

Azure Ray is also playing next week and I is so sad I cannot go but I cannot. *is sad* Instead I'll be driving down to LA for AR 2009. WOE

I might consider Flogging Molly in September - Fox Theater for the win.

TRAGEDY has struck in that I will not be able to see the Old 97s at the Fillmore on July 9th. TRAGEDY. Because I have loved them for forever and a day, for serious.

Tags: concerts, music
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