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Life on Titan

The Science channel has this show called Exodus Earth which features a different planet/moon as a possible settlement for earthlings (after we've fucked over our current dwelling).

I watched an episode on demand that describes one of Saturn's moons, Titan, as an "ideal" relocation spot.

Here is my list of pros and cons - you decide:

- On Titan, you would weigh 1/7th your current weight BUT have the same muscle strength.
- On Titan, you would be able to flap your wings and fly (see above for why).
- Titan's atmosphere is very similar to our own, in that it has loads of nitrogen
- There are water-geysers that freeze immediately after eruption. I consider this a pro because it would be pretty. Unless you got caught in one, then not so much.

- It rains liquid methane
- It is -300 F on Titan.
- Scientists think Titan's core is not connected to it's crust, that there is a water-like substance floating between. This means, the crust can move (imagine if your city, every 2-months moved 15 miles in either direction).
- When it rains liquid methane, it produces 50-60' waves.
- Did I mention it's -300 F
- There's no oxygen
- It takes six years to get there and you have to get through a 100-million mile long asteroid belt.

I was all anti-Titan because I do not like cold. Or liquid methane (I think, anyways). But due to the fact I could fly by flapping my wings, I am willing to reconsider my position. 
Tags: little known fact, musings
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