rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Death Cab for Cutie ftw


This year, they had two opening acts and so the show started at 6:30 pm, which imo, was a smidgen early but I do not complain.

Next up was Andrew Bird. Now, I apologize to anyone on my f-list who likes this guy. I don't. Too copa cabana and way too much whistling (which I admit, he has skill at). SO enough about that guy.

Pros and Cons of the DCFC concert

- Ra Ra Riot, which should not be pronounced as separate words but more a slurring - Rarariot, really fast. Try it, it's fun. I really liked them because, hello!, check out this cello! Violin + cello + nice rhythm + nice sound = FUN! I
- Berkeley's Greek Theater, yay
- DCFC! playing my favorite song!
- Sitting in front of a couple my parents' age rocking out to Death Cab!
- DCFC dedicated a song to the 707 area code, go me!

- Andrew Bird, without explanation unless demanded.
- Rain. And not the rain itself. When it started to sprinkle during Andrew Bird's set, you would have thought Chicken Little had just run through announcing the sky was falling and everyone believed her. People panicked. It was epic, really. There was a loud uproar, followed by people scrambling to find sweaters/blankets/garbage bags (seriously true)/parkas/hoodies/whatever they could to protect themselves from the veritable downpour  sprinkle. I was embarrassed on behalf of Californians everywhere.
Tags: concerts, music

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