rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Bakemonogatari quotage

A: What an idiot. A grade-schooler picking a fight with a high-schooler!
*laughs maniacally*

Narrator: There stood a high school boy who had seriously taken on a grade school girl, seriously fought her, seriously won with a judo throw, and seriously felt proud of himself.

Wait, that's me. *is embarrassed*

A wakes up stunned grade-school girl

*wakes up*
H: I had a dream that I was abused by a heinous high school boy.
A: Uh, must have been a false dream.
H: I see. A false dream.

Okay, if you like quirky anime, definitely start watching Bakemonogatari. Hilarious, people, hilarious.
Tags: anime, quotes


    Just kidding, it's just Sophie.

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