rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

A horrible betrayal

As if being raped and brutalized by four boys isn't awful enough, an 8-yr-old girl has now been disinherited by her family because she has "brought shame" to them for apparently being a wanton slut. What the fuck.

I am not going to be understanding of any culture that blames a woman, or a child, for being physically, sexually and/or emotionally violated. This shit has to stop, this offensive belief that somehow a woman wants to be raped or deserves an assault because she wanted a stick of chewing gum or because she wore suggestive clothing or was drunk or was "asking for it." No one asks to be raped, no one.

What has this child learned? She has learned her body isn't her own, that she has no control over her essence of being. She has learned that because she was denied sovereignty over her body, she is no longer worthy of a family, she is seen as disgusting.

So what that the 14-yr-old is being charged as an adult, he's just the result of a society that claims women are on equal footing yet still promotes and encourages submissive women, dominant men, and continues to treat "date rape" and "marital rape" and "rape while being drunk" as somehow a two-way street. Why did she date him? Why did she marry him? Why did she get drunk or wear that short skirt? Wrong. Why the fuck did he stick his penis where it didn't belong, why did he transform "human being" to "my property", why did he think being drunk excuses violation?

This little girl has a long, painful path ahead of her. I desperately hope she becomes empowered and strong and learns to love herself, learns what love is. I can say what it is not, it is not dependent on whether someone can successfully avoid being raped.

Tags: news
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