rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

My razorblade of doom

I bought a pink razor that had aloe strips to provide soothing relief after I mangled my legs.

One day, my razorblades, no doubt a bane to my planet's existence, ran out.

I needed more.

So I went to Longs and was amazed at the array of blades before me.

Of course I had not brought my own razor with me to match it to its lonely blades. Instead, I guessed.

I looked for a pink razor that had aloe strips. BUT THEY LIED TO ME AND SHICK QUATTRO CAN BURN IN HELL.

But I would not bemoan my existence or my $20 purchase of eight razorblades that DID NOT LIKE MY OWN RAZOR.

Instead I superglued the razorblade to my razor and now we are all happy until I run out of space on my razor for blades.

I guess I will have to go out and buy a fucking shick quattro or whatever the hell it is so we can all be one big happy family of cuts and shit.

Tomorrow, I might take a picture of my masterpiece. Probably not, though.
Tags: random thought
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