rinalia (rinalia) wrote,


I have a new, tiny skin tag on my neck and it is bothering me immensely. It's the size of a sand particle, but IT COULD BE CANCER AND I MIGHT DIE.

I don't believe that at all, of course. This skin tag is too small for a removal. I once had a skin tag removed and I swear to goddess the lidocaine shot hurt more than the actual removal of the tag. When the doctor injected the lidocaine shot, I yelped and was all "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GIVING ME LOCAL ANESTHESIA!!!!" and then she was all "I just did" and I was all "OMG I AM GOING TO DIE AND NOW I CANNOT FEEL MY SHOULDER!!!" and she was all "Calm down" and so I did. Then she was all like, omg, you know, like.

My profuse apologies for all the sentences that have come before this one.

Tags: random thought

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