rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

The Wizard of Gore

Saturday I hung out with polyphonicvegan and her beau (b/c I've always wanted to write that seriously). We watched The Wizard of Gore, which is an epically awesome film about Montag the Munificent (or Magnificent) and his crazy, gory, seriously awesome magic "tricks". This film was made more amazing by vodka martinis, the 11 olives I consumed and a mojito. Oh, and soft taco tacos and bread and salsa and shiz-nit.

I was still bummed we couldn't find the werewolf-alien meets lesbian CULT CLASSIC who's name we do not know. The rocket that lives in the movie store made up for it. We sat in it and while L was disappointed in the decor, I really liked the paintings of the last unicorn and that is all I can remember because the last unicorn RULES.

The next morning, my dogs killed me for abandulating them for a whole evening and then revived me so I could feed them.

Tags: friends, movies

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