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judging swollen chicks!

The primary reason I will not support this nomination, as I have already said, is because I cannot support the so-called "empathy standard"  upon which Judge Sotomayor was selected, and to which she herself has subscribed in her writings and rulings.

-Senator Mitch McConnell

I mean, who are these people? This has to be arguably the most competent, most experienced Supreme Court justice nominee ever. And yet.

Even if she makes a million "wise Latina" statements, so what? Her record shows a pretty moderate judge, one who isn't basing her judgments on "empathy" but the law. Furthermore, we've had, what, 104 old white dudes as Supreme Court Justices? To be honest, I would be perfectly fine if Sotomayor was a racist. She isn't, of course or if she is, she doesn't let it color her findings (as evidenced by her track record).

This just needs to stop.

In other news, my right hand is still slightly swollen after ramming it into a microwave and now my right ear is swollen after a car door slammed on my head. That hurt and I do not rec'd it at all ever.

Happy chicken picture!


Aug. 5th, 2009 01:20 am (UTC)
I'm not saying the Republican party is perfect - I have a LOT of problems with them. Just about as many as I do with the Democrats, honestly. But I would NEVER blanket insult an entire group of people like that. What kind of response do you expect to get when you dismiss someone so rudely? Am I just supposed to smile, nod, and take it? Really?

How would you respond if I'd said (though I never would) "All Democrats just need to shut up?"

I don't think you should love and accept the Republican party. I think you should judge people individually and not hate on someone because of political affiliation. But maybe I'm asking too much.

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