rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Went with a friend and my mom to annual book sale. Last year, I got 33 books for a grand total of $10. I have not counted this year's load, but it's a lot less - maybe 10-15 books for $5. Still a good haul overall.

Then ate at nice veggie restaurant and nearly exploded my belly.

Came home and nearly exploded my belly again due to dog attack. Actually, they focused mostly on my friend who took their barrage (and by "their", I mean Celeste) of attention well. She loves Mina, like a lot, which means she is an awesome person. Because Mina is an awesome dog-person.

I'm sure that was riveting news.

So I leave you with auto tune #6, waking up dead, liberty or tyranny, hell no. I love these.

Tags: books, family, friends, youtube
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