rinalia (rinalia) wrote,


It really rubs me the wrong way that a dude who killed dogs with his bare hands is going to make $1.2 million in his first year with the Eagles (SHAME ON YOU, YOU MUST DIE) and $5.2 million in his second year.

I make less than $30,000 a year. I'm not saying I should be making $1,200,000 a year. However, people who are spending their lives bettering this world, be it through education or advocacy or whatever - they should not be struggling economically (I mean, they should be comfortable, not egregiously wealthy, just comfy). People who spend their days throwing around a fucking ball - an improperly shaped BALL PEOPLE - should not make millions of dollars. WRONGNESS FACTORY FIFTY SUPERHIGHTRIFECTAKABILLION

Our world is so freaky-weird.

Tags: dogs

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