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No water for you!

This guy has been sentenced to 300 hours of community service and a year on probation because he left water for illegal immigrants traveling through Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

I'm not adverse to leaving water for people who have been traveling through a freaking desert. I'm also not adverse to people being charged with littering for leaving plastic bottles, either. And yes, I agree with the wildlife refuge's spokesperson who essentially support the guiding principles of No More Deaths but would prefer their nice little refuge to be free of plastic bottles. 

Now, enter The Government.

n a sentencing memo, the federal prosecutors wrote that Staton's "actions are not about humanitarian efforts, but about protesting the immigration policies of the United States, and aiding those that enter illegally into the United States."Noting the phrase scrawled on many of the plastic water jugs -- "buena suerte," or "good luck" in Spanish -- the prosecutors said, "The obvious conclusion is that the defendant and No More Deaths wish to aid illegal aliens in their entry attempt."

I'm sorry, the obvious conclusion is that this dude was trying to thwart American immigrant policy because he added "good luck" in spanish on the bottles? I don't know about you, but if I'm traveling through a desert and I see a bottle of water with "good luck" scribbled on it in my native tongue, I'm doing a happy dance. For me, that's more of a "I hope you get out of this fricking desert and don't die" message than "Hello! My name is Political Agitating Water Bottle, pleased to meet you."

Now, yes the organization may in fact oppose current immigration policy. That may have been the purpose of the "good luck", but to claim it is the obvious conclusion is rather short-sighted (and silly).

More from The Government:

Citing a biologist, the prosecutors said that animals could eat the plastic and that others could get feet or antlers caught on the bottles.

This is true and the wildlife refuge biologists agree (and they also agree immigrants should not drop dead in their park). However, the argument is a little disengenuous when they're building a 20' wall across the border of Mexico. Don't be all down on the plastic bottles while simultaneously building a barrier that will effectively isolate and kill off entire groups of animals.

Also, not to offend any deer, but if they are seriously getting their hooves stuck in the 1" opening of a plastic bottle, then shame on them. Water bottles on their antlers is hardly a life threatening disease and may provide a nice buffer during rut; it could be a new trend, making all the doe hot for you and the bucks jealous. Just kidding, I don't like seeing litter as much as the next person who doesn't like seeing litter. 

According to the guy's lawyer:

He described Staton as "the kind of guy you'd want to have as your next door neighbor."

Hell yes! He'll give me water. I like that in a person.

And please note, this isn't an immigration debate for me. It's a WATER BOTTLE debate. Bring on the supersoakers!
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