rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

I was out visiting Flo's grave when Flower (see below) noticed me sitting in a spot where humans do not sit normally. She ambled over, grunting softly until she was standing right next to me. And we both stared at Flo's grave. Flower poked around the grave a bit, felt enough mourning had occurred and gently nudged me. I got up, dusted off my pants and started walking back to the barn. I had a porcine friend the whole trip back to the barn.

Sometimes I wonder about the inner lives of other animals. What do they feel? Think? Experience? Their world is so different and yet I find sparks of sameness at every corner. I'm sure Flower knew there was a dead body in that ground, maybe she knew it smelled a little like a goat she once knew, maybe not. I doubt there was anything deeper than that. She seemed uncomfortable with my tears, a little unsure of how she was to behave. Perhaps for her, she just wanted me to get up and move away from whatever was making me sad. She was persistent about it too. The reason isn't important. The connection, that is important.

Flower smiling in the mud
Tags: animal place, musings, pictures, pigs
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