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July/August reads

Since I failed to read more than four books in July, I combined July/August so I didn't embarrass myself. :)

59. Stiff - Mary Roach (7/4/09) - I like the author's wit and writing style. The book details a lot of random shit about death and cadavers. The first part of the book was really interesting. However, it was really hard for me to get past all the animal research shit in the book, some of it just downright appalling.

60. Assassination Vacation - Sarah Vowell (7/6/09) - Funny author, though her thoughts wandered a bit at times (and you can tell who her favorite assassination story is). Covers pertinent/random/interesting tidbits related to the assassinations of Lincoln, Mckinley and Garfield.

61. Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell (7/12/09) - I liked this a lot better than Blink, though not as much as The Tipping Point. Why do some people succeed and fail? What makes an "outlier" an outlier? And are they really outliers or just products of their culture, family, luck? Easy read.

62. Spook - Mary Roach (7/13/09) - This is my favorite of Roach's three books. Science of death stuff. Creepy animal testing shit makes me go WHY AM I READING THIS BOOK but then I do not put book down.

63. Bloodhound - Tamora Pierce (8/2/09) - Second book in the Beka Cooper series. I really love Pierce, though I have to admit this isn't my favorite series so far.

64. Storm Glass - Maria Snyder (8/3/09) - I heart Snyder; this is another series set in the same world as her other books.

65. Searoad, Chronicles of Klatsand - Ursula le Guin (8/5/09) - Klatsand is a little sea town, le Guin profiles its denizens throughout the years. Very touching, poignant, though a little confusing at times. Not sci-fi, I love an author who can show such breadth. Good book.

66. Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris (8/10/09) - *shrug* Not much to say, liked it alright. :)

67. Fragile Eternity - Melissa Marr (8/14/09) - Third book in series. Fantasy, fairies and shit. Creepy oedipal complex thing that pops out of nowhere (though she's not *technically* the biological mother, it was weird nonetheless). Liked it better than the last one (which was just well beyond creepy).

68. Bonk - Mary Roach (8/17/09) - FINALLY A BOOK WITHOUT TOO MUCH CREEPY ANIMAL TESTING. Sex, it's there and it's all sciencie and Roach will do lots of weird shit for science. :) Really funny.

69. The Kalahari Typing School for Men - Alexander McCall Smith (8/23/09) - continuation of a series, liked it a lot.

70. The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton (8/24/09) - mystery spanning three generations. sad and uplifting, though i feel there were a lot of cliches and story motifs that i've read elsewhere (in fact, i felt like i *had* read it, that's how repetitive the storyline was). still liked it because the mystery wasn't *quite* as predictable as i thought it would be.


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Aug. 30th, 2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
i enjoyed outliers. i havent read tipping point or blink tho, might have to look those up.
Aug. 30th, 2009 08:34 pm (UTC)
huh. i don't remember the animal testing stuff in roach's first couple books. it's been a long time though.
Sep. 1st, 2009 07:20 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed Bonk and Stiff, but couldn't bring myself to finish Spook. For a girl completely void of spiritualism, I sure am terrified of ghosts. :P
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