rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

This is what we do when it's 98F out

Well, Celeste tries to play with her flirt pole, because she's always game for playtime. Mina rolls around, pants, sits in the sun, then in the shade, sniffs, sniffs, sniffs, feigns interest in Celeste's game, then pants and lies down some more.

I love flirtpoles because they are cheap and not labor intensive. I originally made two for Mina. FAIL. Thank goodness Celeste came along because SUCCESS was all mine (and hers). She LOVES the flirtpole.

A couple of these photos I couldn't bring myself to post on flickr because they were just embarrassingly bad shots. Thankfully, I have photobucket (no offense to them) and thus I can share them with you.

This is Celeste full chase, though when the temperature is 98 F, she's not in super high drive. The line across the lower left is the rope of the pole.

Picture taking is difficult when it's just you, the flirtpole, a dog and camera. For serious.

She kicked that rope toy's ass, by the way.

Celeste is also ridiculously sensitive. Here she is all "YOU ARE LOOKING AT ME WITH THAT SCARY THING, FINE TAKE MY TOY" while Mina sniffs the neighbor's grill.

It is very hard work being a dog in the hood. Or at least on the lawn.

And then there is Mina. In addition to grill sniffing, she likes to stare at Celeste really hard, then turn away and pretend she doesn't care. Celeste is largely oblivious. One more thing I love about her.

Haha, I stare at you!

Just kidding, I don't care.

Dogs are fun.
Tags: celeste, mina, pictures

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