rinalia (rinalia) wrote,


Picture this.

Mina, sleeping, stretched out on the carpet. Her front paws are crossed, her little white-tipped tail is draped over her back legs. Her most beloved smooshy-head is nestled in the crook of her dog shaped squeaky toy. AND SHE IS SNORING AND TWITCHING BECAUSE SHE IS KICKING THAT BONE'S ASS IN HER DREAM. Or maybe Celeste.

But my god, this is one of the cutest things ever. Observing her are two teddy bears, which is not cute but creepy.

Cuter would be if she had her head on Celeste's head. Cutest would be if she WAS IN MY LAP STAT!!!

I have thus concluded Mina will be living another 98 years, at which point, we will both die happy in our sleep. I will be 116. She will be 99, *nods*
Tags: mina
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