rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina takes a funny picture; Celeste takes an AWESOME one

Neither actually took a picture but it's a term photographers use, I guess. Whatever. Behold!

Mina embarrassed herself so much during playtime last evening that there is only ONE photo where she doesn't look like a total noob. And it is this one:
But because I so frequently share Celeste's strange and odd looks, I feel it is only fair - THIS ONE TIME ONLY - to show one of the photos I would have normally discarded. She is tackling a toy in this photo. She is so graceful. Not.
Celeste wins at the day, though, because I got this photo of her, which makes her look like a sane, calm, sweet, huggable dog. She is sweet and huggable. Just not sane or calm.

Tags: celeste, mina, mina and celeste chronicles, pictures


    Just kidding, it's just Sophie.

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