rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

My new neighbors are lame

Well, the halfway house is the recipient of a brand-spanking new neighbor who can't drive large trucks and who owns an intact pit bull. DAMN YOU HALFWAY HOUSE LOGIC FAIL.

Here you can see the large truck sticking out of my driveway. It is sticking out because large ass trucks do not belong on my driveway and often bottom out as this truck did. Police were called and even an ambulance arrived, just to see if the truck needed medical attention.

The towing company apparently misunderstood "large truck, needs help" and sent a regular sized tow truck whose driver was all "Um, no" and a new truck was sent out. The police did a good job with their waving and general ability to direct traffic.

It took two hours but the truck is gone and I can, you know, drive up my driveway.

Anyway, I also met the neighbor's dog'. An 8-mos-old intact pit bull who has ZOMG SUPER RARE BLUE FAWN BLUE NOSED COLORATION. Fail x Lame = FAILAME. It isn't the being intact that bothers me so much as the REASON he's intact, it's not because the dude cares about his dogs' physical development, it's because the dude has a "rare" phenotype he wants to profit from. Plus he (the human) was shirtless and wore low-rider jeans - OMG YOU CANNOT LIVE HERE. 

PEOPLE I NEED RESCUING HELP ME. Six more months and then I'm so out of here. Thank goodness. Now I just have to avoid my dogs' mauling because that pit bull was like I WILL EAT YOU HAHAHAHA when he saw Mina and Celeste. Celeste was all OH YOU HAVE YELLED AT ME AND I WILL YELL BACK, EVEN IF I AM FACING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION and Mina was all deadly silent for a second so she could spit out her toy and tell him, You, you ugly excuse for a dog, if you want to lose that head of yours, I suggest you come a leeeetle bit closer. MAYHEM.

Tags: halfway house, vacaville

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