rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Everybody is in a state of shock

Chicago failing to cinch the summer 2016 Olympics sent the entire freaking universe into a state of shock. Industry stopped, stock markets collapsed, the earth's crust shifted ten feet to the right. It was, in fact, the most shocking thing to happen since hammer pants became the ultimate in chic.

Chicago: Get over yourselves. America, too. The United States has hosted 8 Olympic games - Brazil? Nada. South America? Zilch.

August happens to be winter for Brazil and Rio de Janeiro has a similar seasonal pattern as California - a wet season and a dry season. We like to keep it real simple, us Californians and Rio de Janeiroeons. Although it sounds like their winters are like 70-80 F. Nice!

Plus: Chicago view v. Rio de Janeiro view <--- Yes, please!

Tags: news
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