rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

The Giant Pumpkin

Every day, we receive hundreds of pounds of day-old produce donated by two grocery stores. Yesterday, an employee at one notified us that a 60lb pumpkin had failed to sell and did we want it? Um, do pigs love food? Yes!


The Pumpkin

Abby, sanctuary supervisor and Louie, animal caregiver, took a picture with the giant gourd.


And then it was time to abandone the pumpkin to its fate.


Enjoy! The pigs and cattle sure did!



The Pumpkin Solo Act The Pumpkin Act I: Sheep & Pig Meet The Pumpkin Act II: Soccer Time!


The Pumpkin Act III: Sleepy Hollow Re-enactment The Pumpkin Act IV: Cows arrive! The Pumpkin Act V: NOM


The Pumpkin Act VI: Goats are disgusted The Pumpkin VII: Patty is Proud

Tags: animal place, pictures
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