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Adorable Rabbits are Adorable

This is Holly and SHE IS SO CUTE I COULD JUST EAT HER. She's cute like a Peep is cute. But she is vegan like a Peep is not.

Anyway, Holly is one of four recent additions to Bunny Haven at the sanctuary. She comes from a rescue wherein a school planned on killing all the rabbits dumped on school grounds. Get this, the FIRST pair of rabbits introduced came from the school, a failed rabbit project the teacher no longer wanted to do. So she just dumped them, intact and alone, outside. They had babies. People saw the rabbits and thought, hey, this is a GREAT spot for domesticated rabbits to be released. Rabbits were being shot and killed by dogs, starving to death and, of course, producing a lot of babies. Rescuers finally received permission to trap all the rabbits in lieu of, you know, shooting them. More than a hundred bunnies were saved.

Holly is on the left and Iris is on the right. Iris is my favorite rabbit, because she is sweet and gentle and LET ME PET HER. Thus she is a winner in my book. She came from a cruelty case where an idiot kept animals confined in awful conditions because he was an idiot. Iris lived with nine other rabbits in a cage so small, none of them could turn around easily. Intact males were left with intact females and all the females were pregnant. Iris gave birth to an adorable splayed-leg baby boy we named Clover. He was placed in a home who could provide the care necessary for a special needs rabbit.
Holly rabbit and Iris share
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